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What is the universe made of? We only know a tiny fraction  4 percent  of the answer. From our little corner of the cosmic map, how do we know what else is out there? Luckily, we have space messengers (otherwise known as cosmic rays) that bring us data from parts of the cosmos far beyond our reach. Veronica Bindi explains how cosmic rays transmit information about our universe from the great beyond.

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Ounce. At You’re Dead! The Flying Lotus Tumblr IRL Experience

As the $easons start to change, our interstellar friend Flying Lotus has prepared the release of yet another beautifully lush LP, You’re Dead!

With help from renowned Japanese illustrator Shintaro Kagoand visual wizards Strangeloop and Timeboy FlyLo unveiled the record in a fully immersive experience thanks to Tumblr IRL, with all his friends and collaborators in attendance.

Ounce. was there to capture the action, check our GIFs and photos of the experience featuring Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, Thundercat, PBDY, and more!